Writing is an art form just like painting, sculpture and graphic design. Music, poetry, novels and plays are all created by creative writers, putting their heart and soul into the time consuming creative process. A person is usually born a writer and if the writer lives within, she can never be suffocated. The opposite goes too, a person not gifted with the writing talent, will always have to struggle. Unfortunately writing is a very competitive art form and very few talented writers can make a living off their passion.

Different types of writing

Different people enjoy different types of writing. Some turn to journalism and feel a desire to write informative texts to educate society. Others are strict fictional writers, devoting their time to write plays, short stories and perhaps novels. A musician is often also a writer, composing lyrics to their tunes. It is a form of poetry and poetry is the cultural créme de la créme of writing. Poetry talks to people's souls in a way only true art can do. Most writers do a little bit of everything.

Start writing

A writer starts writing by herself, often in very young years, just like a painter paints and a singer sings. Writing is like an innate force she cannot live without. Once the writer starts writing, she cannot stop, even if she never manages to get anything published. A writer writes because she has to write - otherwise she cannot exist. 

Invest in knowledge

It is not always given that a writer has excellent orthographic skills and more often than not she will need to learn the tricks and methods for successful wiriting. Anyone seriously into writing needs to invest time, and sometimes money, in studying the basics - just like the artist, sculpturer and musician need to.

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